Hard equity multifamily financing at NMB Capital's Private/Hard Money Lending Division - We love helping you with private/hard money lending and work hard to make a lending program that fits your needs!

NMB Capital is a private lending institution providing short-term commercial loans with speed and creativity. We understand that opportunities in commercial real estate are abundant, and often quick action is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities. Our team of professionals will respond immediately to your client's needs. We find fast, creative solutions to all non-conforming financing needs.

The commercial real estate market is rapidly evolving. Often, traditional lenders are too bogged down with red tape and stringent loan requirements to provide the necessary financing. At NMB Capital, we recognize the importance of finding creative solutions to non-conforming deals and we do it with speed.

NMB Capital serves as an intermediary among investors, mortgage brokers, and commercial real estate developers.  Through our funds, we are able to utilize invested capital and provide necessary financing for a variety of commercial real estate development projects, working toward the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

NMB Capital works carefully with each borrower to understand what it takes to make their individual business successful, and then negotiates with the lender on the borrower's behalf to arrange for the most beneficial, most appropriate program for the client.

Our success is derived from a flexible business model that offers the following advantages:

• Speed, creativity, and sharp focus

• The ability to deal with complex situations

• Fewer regulatory limitations

• Immediate access to capital from our MANY investment pools.

If you feel the non-traditional funding opportunities available at NMB Capital are right for you or your client, please feel free to contact us today. Hard equity multifamily financing. Call us at 561-951-8766 To Get Started Today On A Great Commercial Loan!



Call us at 561-951-8766 To Get Started Today On A Great Commercial Loan!


1-3 Years

Lending Area:
The United States

Property Types:
All commercial properties considered

Interest Only

Loan Size:
$1 Million to $50 Million.

Interest Rates:
Rates as low as 12% (rates vary depending on collateral type.

NO prepayment penalties on most properties

Loan to Value (LTV):
Up to 75%

Origination Fee:
3 to 5% taken at closing from the loan proceeds

Closing Times:
Closing in as quick as 10 business days

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Apartment Loans are our specialty... call us today to get quick answers to your apartment loan needs. Whether you need a $1,000,000 apartment loan or a $100,000,000 apartment loan fast... we can help!


5 year @ 5.45%
7 year @ 5.61%
10 year @ 5.83%


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